For 15 years this has been my home on the web. It started as an online portfolio documenting my career in radio, with audio of some of the bigger news stories I’ve covered and photos from each station or network. Eventually I started adding unrelated items that interested me, including railroads, photography and literature.

But the original platform hadn’t changed much since my former college roommate Tim Edens helped me put this online in 2002. I added some media players and made other minor modifications, but the website had become woefully outdated by modern standards. Admittedly, I had also let it become dormant over the last year. So I’ve decided to start from scratch and rebuild it. Maybe I can compare the process to an IHOP restaurant near my house in Little Rock, Arkansas, at the corner of University Avenue and Markham Street. I was surprised to see it bulldozed recently and now it’s being rebuilt on a much larger scale with part of it to feature a second floor. At a certain point, rather than making minor repairs, I guess they decided it was best to just teared it down and rebuild.

That’s what I’m doing here, though I am reposting older material. I also hope to greatly expand the website by adding a lot of additional interviews, photos and more on a wide range of topics I have reported on or just find interesting. The website is also now available in a form that can work on different platforms, including mobile devices. If you get a 404: Page Not Found, audio files that don’t play, or you find other errors, please bear with me! I hope to have everything up and running by the end of March. Thanks for stopping by!