My Book: Rock Island Railroad In Arkansas

My book Rock Island Railroad in Arkansas, released by Arcadia Publishing in April 2017. Click on the cover to order a copy

The Rock Island Railroad in Arkansas is a collection of mostly historic photographs of the once great line that had a huge footprint in the state before being shut down in March 1980. The book was released by Arcadia Publishing in April 2017 as part of its Images of Rail series. It’s available from most major bookstores in central Arkansas, online retailers, or click on the cover of the book to order a copy from the publisher.

I put the book together including photos taken by Clifton Hull, Bill Pollard, Edward Wojtas, Earl Saunders and others, drawing from the resources of the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Center for Arkansas History and Culture, the North Little Rock History Commission and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. I also included many of my own photos from the years after the railroad was shut down, documenting what was left in the state.

While I had been researching the Rock Island for decades, mainly recording oral histories with former employees, preparing a book of high resolution photographs was a totally different challenge. I have to thank Dr. Bill Pollard, a railroad historian from Conway, for his assistance in scanning old photographs and slides from his collection. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Michael Hibblen speaking at the Clinton School of Public Service, which is housed in what was the Rock Island’s Little Rock passenger station, on April 4, 2017. Photograph by Jacob Slaton.

My first lecture on the topic was held April 4, 2017, the day after the book was released. Appropriately enough, it was at the Clinton School of Public Service, which is housed in the 118-year-old building that for nearly 70 of those years was the Rock Island’s Little Rock passenger station. It was great speaking there because when I first started researching the Rock Island and going out to look at the building in the late 1980s it was boarded up and had an uncertain future. You can watch my full presentation, as filmed by the Clinton School of Public Service, on the link.

Below are other lectures and book signings scheduled for the book. Copes of the Rock Island Railroad in Arkansas can be purchased at these events. I’ve also included some press coverage I’ve received.

Upcoming events:

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As a companion to the book, I’m also preparing a podcast series of maybe 10 to 15 episodes to include interviews I’ve conducted with former Rock Island employees and others with a connection to the railroad.