MICHAEL’S RADIO BACKGROUND: Details by 29 years in radio and news with photos and audio from each station, network or newspaper. I started as a DJ at small town stations in Arkansas and made the transition to news through an internship at C-SPAN in Washington, DC. I really learned how to be a reporter in the mid-1990s at Little Rock’s KARN, then worked for other commercial news stations in Richmond, Virginia and Miami, Florida. I ended up staying in Miami for 12 years where I worked as a network reporter for CBS Radio News, then helped start the Miami Herald’s partnership with NPR station WLRN. In 2009 I finally returned home to Little Rock to work for NPR station KUAR, where today I’m news director.

ARKANSAS RADIO HISTORY: I have a deep passion for the history of radio and have at times done research on stations or noteworthy broadcasters. Included here is a very in-depth look at the first FM radio station in Arkansas, KBTM-FM 101.9 in Jonesboro, which includes interviews I’ve recorded with former employees, vintage audio recordings and some great old photos. I also have a look at the career of my late broadcasting colleague Ron Breeding.