KUAR – Little Rock, Arkansas

April 2009 – present

After 12 years of working in Miami, Florida, I was ready to finally return home to Little Rock in 2009. It took a bit of time and effort, with me persistently contacting my old friend Ron Breeding, who I’d worked for 16 years earlier at KARN, and by that time was news and program director at NPR station KUAR. I was also talking with KUAR’s Station Manager Ben Fry, who I’d worked for in the mid-1990s, first as part of an independent study class which involved me producing a weekly interview program, and later serving as a fill-in morning anchor. Finally Ron told me he had an opening for an anchor and reporter and I took the position and moved back. At that point I had been working for Miami NPR station WLRN for six years and was happy that I would be able to stay in the public radio family.

Pardon the mess as I’m working to build up this page of my website as of March 2017. I’ll include some of my more noteworthy reports, photos and more by the end of the month. In the meantime, you can visit my page on KUAR website. More is coming so check back soon!